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Gratitude Amidst Grief

Grieving the impending loss of a loved one doesn’t naturally bring to mind gratitude, yet there are elements within the hospice experience for which to be grateful. It’s worthwhile to consider the deeply meaningful manifestations hospice can bring to a terminally ill patient and their loved ones as they cope with the end of life experience.

The physical comfort awarded by expert pain and symptom control allows for a measure of peace, especially for those who have undergone prolonged and sometimes torturous treatment regimes. Loved ones, too, are able to draw a breath and focus on their remaining quality time together, a treasure they may not have been afforded amidst the rollercoaster of painful side effects.

Hospice professionals can help smooth the remaining road ahead, anticipating needs and carrying out duties that allow for friends and family to concentrate their efforts on the emotional matter of preparing to part with a loved one.

Gratitude is often challenging to marshal when dealing with these difficult realities. However, it’s something to keep in mind; doing so can help us to appreciate the quality time that hospice affords and helps us to understand what not having a hospice team connection may have been like in comparison. Starting from a place of gratitude can be a powerful compass to navigate the path to parting. For more information about hospice and how Anew Home Care can help, visit

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