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Cancer and the Hospice Conversation

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease. According to the American Cancer Society, in the United States about 1,620 people were expected to die of cancer each day in 2015, which equates to nearly 590,000 people.

When you have cancer and you have tried many treatments without success, it’s hard to know when to stop treatment. Sometimes, even with the best care, cancer continues to spread. It is hard to accept, but the best thing for you at that point may be to stop the cancer treatment. Instead, you could focus on getting care to keep you comfortable and out of pain.

The hospice conversation is an important one and doesn’t have to be difficult. Knowing what services are available to you and your family is empowering at a time when you may not feel powerful. When you and your loved ones recognize hospice as a resource it’s easier for you to make informed decisions about next steps in the progression of your care.

Should I be Considering Hospice?

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, when you treat a tumor for the first time, there is hope that the treatment will destroy the cancer cells and keep them from returning. But if your tumor keeps growing, even with treatment, there is a lower chance that more treatment will help.

If you have had three different treatments and your cancer has grown or spread, more treatment usually will not help you feel better or increase your chance of living longer. Instead, more treatment could cause serious side effects that shorten your life and reduce the quality of the time you have left.

How Can Hospice Help Me and My Family?

The Anew hospice team members are educated professionals focused on your changing physical and emotional needs and our services are tailored to serve your specific situation. With our clinical and emotional support, you and your family can remain focused on living each day to its fullest measure together. Our team will develop a care plan with your physician that ensures your physical needs are met. Regular assessments by our nurses will monitor and address your symptoms, keeping you comfortable and reducing visits to the ER.

In addition to clinical coordination, at Anew Home Care, we provide emotional and spiritual support in a way that reflects your values and beliefs. We can help you and your family cope with the anxiety and all the other feelings that accompany this chapter of life. We will work with your family members and caregivers to educate them and make them comfortable caring for you, a loved one with cancer.

When’s the Right Time to Talk About Hospice?

Knowing your options in advance helps you make educated decisions in a timely manner so it’s important to have the hospice conversation as soon as you feel ready. If your desire is to eventually live without pain and the side effects of aggressive treatment, you may want to start a conversation about hospice. At Anew we are ready to talk with you. Visit our website, or call (866)-282-6090 for more information.


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